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  • September of 2014 brought the return of fall and Ashley Reid to Scott Venturo LLP. We're glad to have you back Ashley!
  • Congratulations to Michael Readshaw on being called to the bar on August 14, 2014. We are also happy to announce that Mike will remain at Scott Venturo LLP as an associate.
  • We are pleased to welcome Michelle L. Commance as our 2014 Articling Student!
  • Congratulations to Marney Lutz for being selected as one of the leading practitioners in Canada in the area of Personal Injury for 2014 by The Canadian Legal LEXPERT Directory!
  • Congratulations to Bruce J. MacLeod who has been appointed President of the Risk Management Counsel of Canada for the 2014 year!
  • The summer of 2013 saw the arrival of our newest associate Kathleen Radford. The summer also was a time to celebrate with Kate Kozowyk who will remain at Scott Venturo LLP as anassociate after completing her articles!
  • On April 5, 2013, Scott Venturo LLP welcomed Nolan W. Shouldice to our team! Nolan came to our firm by way of a seconded articling position and accepted our offer to remain as an associate.
  • Christine M. Smith, has travelled from sea to sea to find herself in Calgary in January 2013 .We are very pleased to have her at the firm.

  • We are delighted to welcome the two latest additions to our Scott Venturo family, Perminder Basran and Gillian Hollowisky, both of whom will be practicing in the area of insurance and general litigation.

Scott Venturo LLP Legal News

  • The 15th in the Scott Venturo Learn at Lunch Presentations, Brains, Trains and Automobiles takes place on June 10th. Details can be found at Scott Venturo 15th Learn at Lunch Presentation.

  • On April 10, 2013 Bruce J. MacLeod successfully defended Winsport (Canada Olympic Development Association) in a claim involving a snowboarder suffering significant injuries in the ½ pipe feature of the terrain park. After hearing all of the evidence, the Defendant was found wholly successful and costs were payable by the Plaintiff to the Defendant. Kerr v. Canada Olympic Development Association

  • In Allen v. Gray, 2012 ABQB 66, Domenic Venturo, Q.C. and Katrina Edgerton-McGhan were successful in an application for an Order declaring the Plaintiff to be a vexatious plaintiff pursuant to s. 23.2 of the Alberta Judicature Act. As a result, the Plaintiff in that action must seek leave of the court in order take any further steps in such action, any other existing action or to commence any new action. In a Memorandum of Judgment filed May 22, 2013, Ms. Allen's appeal was dismissed for want of prosecution.

  • In the recent decision of the Court of Queen’s Bench in Chouhan v. Canada Safeway Ltd. and McNeice Landscaping Ltd., 2012 ABQB 7, Marney Lutz successfully defended McNeice Landscaping Ltd, a snow removal contractor who were sued, along with Canada Safeway Ltd. by the Plaintiff who claimed injury when she fell and broke her leg in front of a Safeway store prior to the store opening.  The fall occurred when the Plaintiff approached the entrance to the Canada Safeway store while McNeice was in the process of completing snow removal work.   The case against McNeice was dismissed, and a finding was made that McNeice performed its work in a reasonable and appropriate manner, and in accordance with its’ contractual obligations.  The claim against Canada Safeway was also dismissed. 

  • Marney Lutz successfully defended her clients in Ngyuen v. Smith by advancing a rare, but in this case effective, defence of inevitable accident, where the Defendant, Christine Smith, while stopped at a red light, experienced a sudden and unexpected loss of consciousness, causing her foot to come off the brake, and her vehicle to roll forward, striking the vehicle in front. The three occupants of that vehicle advanced personal injury claims. The Plaintiff argued that the Defendant was negligent in failing to pull over on a busy 4 lane roadway soon enough, or in failing to choose a more appropriate place to pull off the road. The Defendant, shortly after realizing that she was feeling unwell and light-headed, chose to exit the roadway at a place with which she was familiar, as opposed to what might have been a more expedient exit. The court, in dismissing the Plaintiff’s claim, found that the Defendant had acted in a reasonable fashion, and that she had no reason to anticipate her sudden lack of consciousness, which had never happened prior to the accident, nor had it happened since. The case was dismissed at trial, and no appeal has been filed.


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Scott Venturo LLP Community News


  • Scott Venturo LLP Supports Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

The Scott Venturo LLP 2014 Team for the CIBC Run for the Cure raised our best ever total of $2,144.00. Click here to see some of our team having a great time at the finish line!.


  • Scott Venturo LLP supports the ALS Foundation

We couldn't let the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge go by withouto a Scott Venturo version. The Scott Venturo twist saw Domenic Venturo and John McDougall pay $20.00 per person to dump ice water on THEIR heads. Not to be beat, Lorne Scott raised the bar and "encouraged" all to meet or beat that amount. We are pleased to say that the total amount raised was $3,020.00! ClicK here to see our twist!


  • Scott Venturo LLP Supports Two Olympians for 2014 Olympics

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Alex Gough, World Cup Gold and Silver Medalist, World Championship bronze medallist and second time Olympian luger and Marsha Hudey, first time Olympian Speedskater! We will be closely watching and cheering loudly for both of you ladies!


  • Scott Venturo LLP Supports the Calgary Zoo


The flood ravaged Calgary Zoo was the benefit of some hard-hitting fundraising efforts by our clients and lawyers at the Valley Ridge Golf Club.



  • Scott Venturo LLP supports United Way


The 2013 Scott Venturo LLP United Way week was held November 11 - 15. Thanks to the efforts of our suppliers, neighbours, lawyers and staff, our office raised over $11,000.00!

Janet E. Russell, Q.C. serves as a member on the GAIN team on board and governance issues. The GAIN team provides services to the United Way agencies upon the advice of the United Way.



The Scott Venturo LLP United Way week (November 19 - 23) started on November 1, 2012 with Colin McKinnon, Jeff Coape-Arnold, Matt Bancroft and staff member, Niall Condon all generously agreeing to let their moustache and beard grow until their respective donations reached $500.00. Everyone at Scott Venturo LLP must love beards because many donated $0.50 per day with a top of $100.00 at the end of the United Way week if each participant kept their moustache and beard until November 23, 2012!


  • Scott Venturo supports 2013 Calgary International Film Festival

Scott Venturo LLP is proud to be a long term sponsor of the Calgary International Film Festival.



On August 27, 2009, Scott Venturo LLP became a member of Mackrell International. Mackrell International is one of the world’s major networks of over 60 independent law firms that have more than 100 offices on five continents. Scott Venturo LLP is proud to be associated with this forceful and innovative network of medium-sized law firms in major jurisdictions, dedicated to client satisfaction.






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