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Our lawyers can be contacted by phone or e-mail shown in the table. Please direct all other inquiries to Scott Venturo LLP’s main number.




Bancroft, Matthew


Basran, Perminder K.


Batten, Chelsea J.


Birdi, Kiran K. (403)231-8240
Bracco-Callaghan, L. (403)231-8245

Braun, Terry D.


Commance, Michelle L. (403)231-3454
Coape-Arnold, J. (403)231-8256

Detomasi, Don G.


Edgerton-McGhan, Katrina E. (403)231-8224
Holowisky, Gillian S. (403)231-8242

Horner, Daniel R.


Kozowyk, Kathryn A.C. (Kate) (403)231-8244

Lutz, Marney L.


MacLeod, Bruce J.


McDougall, John M.


McKinnon, Colin M. (403)231-8213
Milne, Christa C. (403)231-8209
Percy, Thomas W. (403)232-8232
Peters, Nicholas A. (403)231-8220
Radford, Kathleen S. (403)231-8239

Readshaw, Michael L..


Russell, Janet E., Q.C.


Scott, Lorne W. Q.C.


Shouldice, Nolan W. (403)231-8204
Small, Celeste (403)231-8252
Smith, Christine, M. (403)231-8258

Venturo, Domenic S., Q.C.






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