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Scott Venturo LLP offers the challenges of a fast-paced and sophisticated practice but also places a premium on work-life balance. Our exceptionally cohesive and accomplished team of associates and partners have a very active file portfolio and generate abundant work. We are actively seeking lawyers (see Current Job Opportunities) in various areas to join our highly regarded team.

Scott Venturo LLP understands the importance of client relationships, creativity and being able to "think outside the box". Our lawyers are able to work across the boundaries that traditionally divide practice areas in order to assist our clients in anticipating and avoiding problems, resolving claims and disputes and find innovative solutions for our clients' legal issues. Scott Venturo LLP is able to offer a combination of broad experience, innovative and practical solutions and responsiveness to our clients' legal needs. This ensures our clients receive maximum value for their money. Scott Venturo LLP is able to offer an informal but professional working atmosphere which fosters a positive practice environment. We pride ourselves on providing timely responses to our clients' queries and concerns in delivering superior legal services at reasonable rates. We do this by using the most up-to-date technology which assists us in responding quickly to a changing legal and business environment.


Scott Venturo LLP seeks to provide to our clients efficient, exceptional legal services with integrity and professionalism. In doing so, we enhance the quality of life and the economic well-being of our clients and ourselves. We maintain positive personal relationships and respect for our colleagues and staff and seek to achieve personal and professional success and satisfaction in our practices of law.





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